Are you also STRESSING with your online storytelling?

Do you suffer from any of these 4 symptoms?


1 You are having
BAD hair days?

You fight to fit your personal storytelling into our modern online communication world but still something keep coming out skewed or simply plain wrong?


3 You can't recognize YOURSELF?

You see yourself differently and/or better than how you currently are portrayed online by Google, Facebook, Instagram and what not?


2 Your hat collection
is getting BIG?

You find yourself wearing more and more hats just to keep your online storytelling present and presentable?


4 You are still singing
this SONG?

Your stories... Where do they go in our online world today? Who receives them and how do they respond to you and your story? Do you know?

2 solutions

You fix IT yourself!

Download any of my free storyteller guides
where you'll learn important "Do's & Don'ts" of
how to convey your creative stories in our constant changing online world of 2020+

I fix IT for you now!

Take a look at my monthly storyteller services where 
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Niels Grau

Project Manager
WordPress web sites became my main product

Thomas Lyngdam

For the first time I feel in control of my own site

Betina Birkjær

Author & Multi Artist
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Camilla Koppel

Web Consultant
I recommend storyflies to all my friends and clients

Naeem Sundoo

Healer & Life Coach