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When you work with Thomas there are no limits. Everything is possible and it is not just words when he says that he can make your creative dreams become reality. I made a drawing of the site I wanted and he arranged with two designers at to make that possible. They did the graphics and then Thomas activated everything by using WordPress and he found the best and the newest solutions in technique. Thomas Feder is working in a very creative, curious and courageous way. He is not afraid to try all the new techniques, plugins etc. in order to create a lively, personal and unique site for his customers. My site ended up being just the way I wanted it.

Kamilla Hygum

Thomas is a SEO expert who helped us improve our SEO. We reduced SEO spending by approx 30% and still maintained same number of clients - but now at a higher price pr. client. Whenever a problem arises Thomas always has numerous alternatives for solving it - this is why I will work with him again.

Niels Grau

I was fortunate to work closely with Thomas for about 2 years. Thomas is an absolute expert in WordPress and his skills and expertise helped me shape the direction of my company. With his guidance WordPress based web sites became my main product. Thomas is also one of the strongest SEO and Google consultants I have ever come across. I sincerely give Thomas Feder my best of recommendations.

Thomas Lyngdam

I can highly recommend Thomas Feder as a creative consultant and web developer. He is excellent at listening to ones wishes and supplying with his own ideas and experience in what could be useful to have in mind. I wanted a new professional website with a creative look, easy to navigate in and most important that I could update myself. Thanks to Thomas inspiring an efficient way of working the process was very light and productive and I am very happy for the result. And almost most important: For the first time I feel in control of my own site. Thomas has an enormous knowledge on his field so there seems to be no limits for what you can learn from him. I hereby give my warmest recommendations.

Betina Birkjær

Author & Multi Artist
Thomas has tremendous ideas and is always open and friendly to work with. Webprofessional is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Thomas. I hired him to make a speech for a group of twenty Communiation Professionals. He was talking about creative methods of working with online communication and it was a huge success. He really knows how to make the best of this topic. Thomas is an excellent partner to work with and I highly recommend his Storyteller Framework.

Camilla Koppel

Web Consultant
I hired Thomas to design a work-related webpage in 2012. Thomas did a fantastic job. He had many ideas and effortlessly put together a solution that met my needs perfectly. I could not have been happier with the whole experience and I do not hesitate to recommend Thomas for any web-related job.

Niels Johannesen

Associate Professor